Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Familiar Costume

I unleashed a common, human habit today: get angry too soon and realize your place too late. I have been on my sister's case lately about what she spends her time doing and not doing. But as I pondered/boiled over the amount of time she spends on her phone, with her friends, and on her computer...(which do not get me wrong, are popular among most American youth, including myself)...I realized I only saw right through her "lets spend the evening together" because I also wear the same costume of sin. I do not believe that any of her favorite pastimes are sinful (within reason), but when you neglect other responsibilities and priorities, sin is involved. As I vented to her about how much time she spent with others and not with me...I realized not so long ago, I too was using the..."I'll hang out with you while I think about everyone but you" card. Heck, like I said I still wear the costume. I think today I just learned another lesson... certain sin is easier to point out when you are familiar with it. You can spot Satan hiding in behavior and speech. I also uncovered a frightening but important fact...when you think you have mastered Satan and his ways...he has mastered you. Never think you have Satan figured out...he'll use that against you.

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